Our Fees

Our principles and approaches to fees and charges

We are extremely diligent and highly principled in all our dealings with our valuable clients. To assist us to deliver individually tailored fee packages that reflect our clients’ financial circumstances, we apply the following core principles:


We will let you know upfront how much your legal fees are likely to cost, and for what services you will be charged. Our Retainer Agreement and Cost Agreement contains detailed information about legal costs, written in clear, easy-to-understand terms.


There are no hidden costs in our offers or agreements. Our level of accountability will provide you with peace-of-mind in understanding your legal fees and costs.

No Surprises

We will provide you with written estimates of our fees. For services billed at hourly rates we will endeavour to estimate the total number of hours required as accurately as practically possible based on the information you have provided.


Legal services are services which require a high level of qualification and professionalism at all times. For this reason, a proposed budget for legal fees may seem substantial. We understand this and strive to make legal services accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. That is why we offer flexible payment options, payment plans or fixed-fee arrangements.

We offer a FREE, one-hour Initial Consultation to all new clients!

This service is free of any financial obligation or commitment to retain our services. You decide whether or not to engage us after the initial consultation.

At the initial consultation we discuss the following:

  • The avenues available to you to resolve your matter
  • The area of law your issue relates to and the legal processes involved
  • Your rights, entitlements, responsibilities and obligations (if any)
  • What steps would be required to resolve your matter and the appropriate forum (Court or Public Authority)
  • What documents, information or evidence may be needed for us to adequately advise you or conduct your matter
  • What services your require and how we can assist you with the same
  • An estimate of our fees and the payment options available.

It is always helpful if you provide us with as much information and documents (if any) relevant to your matter prior to you attending your Initial Consultation. In any event, we ask that you bring all the documents you might consider relevant to your matter to the Initial Consultation.

Our Rates

After your initial free consultation, the usual hourly rate for our solicitors is $300 per hour plus GST. Payment plans and fixed fees are available. We will discuss your payment options during your initial consultation. We also offer representation on a “limited fees basis” for eligible clients.

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We also Offer Fixed Fee Legal Packages. What is a Legal Package?

Our experience shows that many people who require legal assistance are reluctant to see a lawyer because they fear legal costs and the hassle that comes with it.

We have introduced Fixed Fee Legal Packages for many of our services so that you know from the outset what your legal fees will be. Legal Packages also allow us to offer affordable Payment Plans for those who cannot afford to pay full fees upfront. We believe legal assistance should be affordable for everyone.


Choose your legal package on our website and book a free, no-obligation one-hourconsultation with a solicitor before you proceed.


Attend your free consultation with a solicitor to discuss your matter and decide whether you would like to proceed with our Fixed Fee Legal Package.


Leave your legal matter in our solicitors’ capable hands... receive high quality legal assistance at a Fixed Fee, with no nasty surprises.


If you can’t afford to pay full fees upfront, ask us about a suitable Payment Plan.

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Our Packages

Family Law Packages
Joint Application
Joint application if were separated under one roof
Sole Application
Sole Application if were separated under one roof
Consent Orders
Consent Orders
Consent Orders
Combined: Children & Property
Binding Financial Agreement
Criminal & Traffic Law Packages
Traffic offence or minor offence guilty plea
Up to two court appearances
Application for Extraordinary Driver’s Licence
Migration Law Packages
Partner Visa
Immigration Appeal to the Tribunal -AAT
former MRT
Protection (refugee) Visa
Visitor Visa
Application for Ministerial Intervention
Restraining Orders Packages (VRO/MRO)
Violence Restraining Order/MRO Package
review the material, negotiating settling the matter by way of undertaking with the other party, one court appearance
Violence Restraining Order/MRO Package
Final Order Hearing (Trial)

Cannot Afford to Pay Legal Fees Upfront?

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