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Who are we ?

We’re a bunch of successful lawyers in Perth city. We began offering our professional services in 2017 under the name Morris, Alexander and Nelson, before re-branding to Savannah Legal.

Savannah Legal offers the best legal outcomes for all your legal problems in Perth, Western Australia. Our firm has a wealth of expertise to support and guide you. We are proud to have provided more than 8000 clients with legal advice in Perth.

Savannah Legal are the best Family Lawyers in Perth, Western Australia, where our services are available with fixed legal fees and the option of payment packages. We have a proven track record in dealing with all legal issues in Perth, Western Australia. In a nutshell, we are a pack of wise heads who are on a mission to provide the very best legal solutions for all your legal issues and queries in Perth.

Our Vision

In our pursuit of excellence, our vision is to become one of Australia’s pre-eminent law firms, providing high-quality legal services with integrity, innovation, teamwork and collaboration, open communication and responsibility. We provide a supportive and friendly atmosphere from the moment a client reaches out to us. In doing so, we help clients to get back to what they love doing most, whilst we attend to the resolution of their legal issue and the best outcome possible.

Our Values

We believe that success relies on transparency, and hence we are always open to suggestions.

We do everything at Savannah Legal with genuine desire and commitment.

The more we share our thoughts, the faster we find a solution for our clients – hence we are always ready to collaborate and bring peace-of-mind to our clients.

We act with integrity in every aspect of our work and we never compromise the same.

We value work ethics and we strictly adhere to them.

We embrace change and are always challenging ourselves to learn, explore and grow.

We are always open to new ideas and are ready to adapt to any change that may come along, to enhance the service we provide to our valuable clients.

We value open communication and believe it plays a significant role on the path to success.

We are neither goal-oriented nor result-oriented, but client-focused, because our clients’ peace of mind is our ultimate commitment.

We value responsibility, and therefore we offer real solutions to our clients to better help them manage their budget.

Our service commitments enhance our business standard.

We are committed to excellence as the Best Lawyers in Perth.

We value teamwork and collaboration. We believe our combined efforts will increase the prospect of success for our clients.

Being true to one's word, we enhance our reputation, thereby strengthening our ethical standards.

Liability - we are bound by the core values of our firm.

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